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Hello and welcome. This week links to last week’s running order and “listen again”, a preview of the next show, and a few words about the show the following week.

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Listen to last week’s first hour here and the second hour here. Both are on Mixcloud. If you want to see the running order/track listing, you’ll find it here.

On this week’s Around the World: It was Canada Day on 1 July. Had I known early enough I might have played more music from the country. One track marks the day from Adrian Southerland. He is a very interesting person. His music is pretty mainstream rocky with a hint of country. He leads a band called Midnight Shine but he is first nation Canadian. His last single (and second solo single), Respect the Gift, [video below] features in the Indigenous Music Countdown an international radio chart and syndicated program based out of Canada. In April, it became No 1. I’ll be playing his new single. He’s from Attawapiskat on the remote James Bay coast in the far north of Ontario. “In addition to making meaningful music that resonates widely, Adrian is fluent in his Cree language, practices traditional ways of the land, and is a genuine example of someone who lives authentically.” [source]

An album I particularly like at the moment is Mediterraneo Ostinato from Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona. One reason why I am interested in it is because of the music research I have done around the Mediterranean. Disappointingly my research has generally been deskbound whereas Saletti goes places for his research. So I suppose I’m a little envious. “The album is sung in Sabir, the ancient language of the Mediterranean forgotten by history and revived in Stefano Saletti’s original compositions, which also draw on the great legacy of Mediterranean literature, from Calvino to Pasolini, from Matvejevic to Machado and Kavafis, from Cecco Angiolieri to Rilke to the Kurdish poet Abdulla Goran. Twelve songs narrate the stories and the passions of a sea that unites rather than dividing, that fosters dialogue between peoples with different traditions who have always known how to live together and coexist.” [Source]

I don’t know what to make of Vou Zuar. Are they a boy-band (grown up a bit to be fair), or are they truly representative of their music genre? I don’t know. The track I’m playing was listed before I began the research about the band. Ah, sure what does it matter. You decide for yourself. This is not the track I plan to play (but I bet it was great to be in the audience!)

I saw Gisela João play a few years ago. She was in her early thirties then but seemed to ne 10 years younger. She has matured into being a very impressive Portuguese fado singer. This month she releases her fourth album AuRora. I’ll be playing Louca.

In all there are some 26 or 27 tracks planned, so these are just a few to focus on.

And something rather special from Scotland.

Featured Album: Angelique Kidjo’s Mother Nature

Guests include Mr Eazi, Burna Boy, and Sampa the Great, Yemi Alade, Salif Keita and M (I don't know who M is but I doupt if it is this one).

Local Music: Of course, there is. And a reprise for Red Lines by Auld Gods [distrokid], because I like it (and it’s my show, and I can play what I want …).

This is not on the show - but I urge you to watch it. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush (cover) - Virtual Performance - Women's Work 2021 from Oh Yeah.

A word about next week: Party.

More words about next week: Party, party, party. Dance, dance, dance. And. Expect music you wouldn’t normally expect.

Two hours of dance music from salsa to sega to dancehall to reggae to ahhh … who cares.

Newsletter News: No newsletters for a few weeks, but in the meantime, let me know if you find these useful (davy001 at gmail dot com).

If you are planning a holiday or break, I hope you have an excellent time.

You can see the running order and fins the audio files here from Wednesday 7 July.


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