Around the World Preview – 24 & 26 October 2021

दर आठवड्याला ते विचित्र ठेवणे.

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Featured Album: There’s a story behind this week’s featured album. I had the car radio on in my constant search to find something – anything – worth listening to. The Beatles’ Back in the USSR came on. This track I do like – among my favourite Beatles cuts.

I thought – “There must be a newer better version of this.” I went in search. In short there isn’t.

Here’s the Beatles:

The “best” I could find was this from Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl – but even that’s not quite what I was looking for – and any it’s not released as a record so I couldn’t play it anyway.

Here’s that version

(And please, don’t mention Billy Joel.)

But I did come across a version by The Leningrad Cowboys (it’s not up to much either). “Who,” I wondered, “Are the Leningrad Cowboys?”

I’d like to make three points

1.       I don’t like comedy music - it doesn’t make me laugh. (Yes, there are exceptions. Mike Absalom in 1973 for example. Well, I was very young at the time.)

2.       The Leningrad Cowboys are not from Leningrad (as St. Petersburg was known for a time). They are from Finland.

3.       They perform with The Red Army Choir! (Technically Alexandrov Ensemble. There is no Red Army anymore)

I did find an album – Happy Together – and I wanted to play a track, but I couldn’t decide which. So I’m playing four. It’s the featured album this week.

Here’s a taste.

Other music to tune in for:

A band you will be hearing a lot more from on the show is Balimaya Project’s Wolo So which has just been released. It is utterly fantastic. Here’s a short documentary about them and the album.

Once again a shorter newsletter this week as I’m planning for and packing to go to  WOMEX next week.

If all goes well, the newsletter will come from Porto there next week. Until then, take care.

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